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Illegal dumping under scrutiny in St George

SPECIAL investigators with appropriate skills and rights, together with penalties, were needed to address the problem of illegal dumping, Kogarah Council has told the state government.

The request was supported by the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils, which said it would consider setting up a special anti-dumping squad for the region if funding was available.

Sutherland Shire Council said rising tip fees had contributed to a 20 per cent increase in illegal dumping over five years, and there was anecdotal evidence of a 33 per cent reduction in the number of household trailer drop-offs at the Lucas Heights tip.

The views of the councils were put in submissions to a review of the state government’s waste levy.

Kogarah Council said illegal dumping was a serious problem throughout southern Sydney.

While some councils had appointed illegal dumping investigators, funding was not permanent and it was not possible to have any enduring effect through short-term intervention.

The council said despite the provision of multiple clean-ups, education programs and distributing information to problem groups, such as transient populations, the dumping of mattresses, e-waste, furniture and other materials continued.

Source: The Leader

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