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How to Support 2SSR 99.7 FM Sound of the Shire…

2SSR 99.7 FM broadcasts across the entire Sutherland Shire Region, with its signal extending across the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

  • The majority of our listeners are in the 35+ audience.
  • We also reach families and listeners around Australia.
  • We are global, through our web streaming.
  • Sponsoring community radio is just like advertising on a commercial station… only cheaper!
  • A professionally produced “commercial” is arranged by 2SSR 99.7FM and approved by you.

If you would like to Sponsor 2SSR or would like some further information please contact us by calling +61 2 9545 1800 or email info@2ssr.com.au

Here’s why…

2SSR 99.7FM gives you the freedom to target your message to the growing Sutherland Shire, with our flexible sponsorship packages. We give you a unique set of benefits, that no other local media outlet can match:-
Smaller Advertising Costs
Start a campaign on 2SSR 99.7FM for a lot less than an average letterbox drop or newspaper advertisement;

Simple Pricing
Easy to understand and affordable for any business;

A Wider Range of Music/Info Formats
Music and information programming, which covers different genres of music, and targets the listeners that would buy your products;

Multilingual Programming
Reaching local communities in their own language;

An Uncluttered Environment
No more than 5 minutes of sponsorship announcements each hour ensures your message gets maximum impact;

Reach Local Sutherland Shire Community
Up to sixteen hours of quality live and local programming each day;

A Vital Community Service
Be associated with one of the largest, active volunteer groups, in the region.

Sponsorship Conditions
We require all sponsorships to be suitable to broadcast and meet community standards for the timeslots that are aired within. All sponsorship announcements must include a statement that they are ‘station sponsor’. Additionally, sponsorship is not used as a factor determining access to broadcasting time. It can not be used to influence the content and style of individual programs or the overall programming on the station.


Our Sponsors

Want to get involved in community radio?

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Join our email list to be notified of what’s coming up! We run a monthly BBQ’s and other community events throughout the year and we are always looking for new volunteers to assist our regular volunteers. Why not join us for some fun and meet new people!