Continuum Art Society biennial "Showcase" exhibition


“Continuum Art Society will stage its “Showcase” exhibition at Hazelhurst Regional Galllery from Saturday, 6th October until Tuesday, 16th October this year. All are invited to the opening of the exhibition at 2pm on Saturday 6th of October.


Four categories will be judged and prizes awarded.

Also to be judged will be the “Best in Show” Les Thew Award, donated in his memory by Barry Miller.

Established in 1982, the Society’s member artists display a rich variety of expertise.

Over the thirty years of Continuum’s existence some members have achieved significant recognition in the art world, with many represented overseas.

Artist members and their families take advantage of many activities organised by the Society.

At he exhibition there will be opportunities to talk to artists and, who knows, you may be encouraged to join the Society yourself.


Remember, 2pm, Saturday, 6th October until Tuesday, 16th October at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Kingsway, Gymea.”


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