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Engadine Public School Family Fete

The school will hold a family fete on Saturday, August 26 from 9am to 3pm to bring up 85 years.

The event will also include plenty of live entertainment, a petting zoo, rides, stalls, face painting, raffles, memorabilia, and a silent auction.

A photo book will also be released, displaying the history of the school.

Engadine Public School principal Hendrika Green said it would be a special day.

“The school is the wonderful place it is today because of the staff, students and families who have all formed part of the story that is us,” she said.

When the school opened in 1932 there were 39 children. The school now caters for over 360 children.

“Engadine Public School is a place of welcoming, where equity is important and where every child matters.”


This is the schedule of our dignitaries attendance:

12:30pm  Mr. Craig Kelly sits in the dunk tank

1:00pm  Mr. Lee Evans pulls the Raffle Winner

1:30pm  Mayor Carmelo Pesce sits in the dunk tank

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