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NEW SHOW: Bumper2Bumper with BJ & Grosey

STARTS: Thursday 5.00pm

BJ & Grosey deliver the perfect combination of sizzling segments and witty banter along with playing top shelf music. Join the boys and get involved with Grosey’s Top 5; Where Are They Now?; Look Who’s Talking; 1st World Problems and so much more!

Your hosts:

BJ – Brett James is a presenter that loves audience participation and calling it like he sees it. Fearless with an opinion and a wonderful teller of stories, BJ brings life lessons to all listeners and is happiest when interviewing guests about who they are and what they do.

GROSEY – Bryan Grose is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. A man of impeccable timing combined with a razor-sharp wit, ‘Grosey’ is at home playing the B2B music component of the show each episode. He particularly enjoys conversing with listeners and other presenters.

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