The Mystery Train


The Mystery Train is a specialist blues/roots music program which showcases Australian and Overseas blues/roots music including genres such as R N B/Soul/ Cajun/Zydeco/Western Swing/Tex Mex/Alternative Country/Rock n Roll from all over the world.

TMT is a musical journey that aims to educate, inform and entertain listeners all about these unique and inspiring music genres. A highlight of the program is the constant focus on playing new music, attracting Australian and overseas artists for interviews on the program and its dedication to keeping alive the traditions and culture of the historical content of blues/roots music genres.

David Roman has been actively involved in the Sydney blues/roots music scene for over 50 years , primarily as a keen supporter and lover of live music, here and overseas. He has undertaken numerous overseas music trips to attend festivals and events, meet industry and artist representatives and immerse himself in the culture and history of the blues/roots music genres. He is also a casual musican, active member of the Sydney Blues Society, Panel Member of the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Chart, music reviewer and long time blues/roots music history fanatic.



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Blues and Roots Music Mix
David Roman

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