Just Jazz


Graeme with Kevin Hunt Director of Jazz Studies at Sydney Conservatorium of Music

“Just Jazz” is a 2 hour programme of jazz music and information on performers, their music and their background. While the majority of the programme features overseas artists, Australian performers are included where possible. Close to Australia Day, the programme is all Australian and has grown from a one 2 hour session to two 2 hour sessions as more and more Australian based music is recorded.

It is accepted that jazz may not be the music of choice for some people. I do make the point from time to time however that most people listen to jazz even though they claim not to like the genre overall. In restaurants, clubs, plane travel etc. the background music is usually a mix of easy listening (or modern) jazz music. Accepting this, my programme contains a mix of “easy listening” and “mainstream jazz” music.

In 2013 Graeme joined 2SSR and began with a jazz programme “The Lighter Side of
Jazz”. After a short break in 2020 he returned with his love of jazz and renamed his programme “Just Jazz” to appeal to wider audience.

Hopefully “Just Jazz” helps open the door for more people to enjoy this music in all its forms.



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Jazz Music
Graeme Davies

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