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Art & Soul was spawned during the pandemic, after galleries and venues closed their doors and the Arts and associated industries were decimated. The program champions The Arts and provides a platform for musicians, artists and writers.

The Arts can help us process our emotions, soothe and calm, uplift and renew the mind and spirit.  Art & Soul aims to entertain the listener through an upbeat music mix, and with content that encourages creative expression and cultural participation.

We all need a little more light and laughter in our lives and when we explore our creativity, we increase our sense of wellbeing and boost the fun factor and that’s what I aim to share.

Content examples include events, exhibitions and interviews, as well as ideas and opportunities to “participate and feel great”.

Being creative increases our sense of wellbeing and boosts the fun factor in life.  Art & Soul is aimed at listeners who have an interest in the latest events and news about The Arts and how they can participate, connect and explore their creative side.



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