Council offers a


domestic woodchipping service for Sutherland Shire residents during the daylight saving months each year. This service turns bulky tree branches and trunks into woodchips.

The next service is October 19 at 641-643 Kingsway, Miranda, NSW 2228

To use this service

  • You must be a resident and produce proof of identification on the day. This service is not available for use by commercial operators or commercial vehicles.
  • Load branches into your trailer

    with cut the end of branch toward the rear of the trailer

  • Only cars, cars with trailers and utilities will be admitted to the site. Residents must remain in their car while the branches are unloaded by the council’s staff.
  • Residents will be required to self-load the woodchips and ensure that all loads are covered before leaving the woodchipping site.
  • Tree cuttings from the garden must be larger than one metre in length and no larger than 200 mm in diameter. The woodchipping machine used by the council for this service is not a mulcher and only bulky wood pieces are suitable for recycling into woodchips.

The following items will NOT be accepted

  • palm fronds and palm trunks
  • lawn clippings
  • stumps
  • spiky or thorny materials
  • household waste
  • weeds (including privet)
  • commercial/demolition/building waste
  • branches thicker than 200 mm and shorter than one metre in length.

Permission to remove or lop trees may need to be granted by the council’s Tree Preservation Officer. Evidence of approval may be required.


: The woodchipping service may be cancelled at short notice due to bad weather. Council apologises for any inconvenience.

When:Start: 10:00AM, 19 Oct 2013 Finish: 3:30PM, 19 Oct 2013