The History of 2SSR
Sutherland Shire Community Radio Association

Miss Vicki Civil, Mr Keith Clark, Mr Ian Decker, Mr Geoff Goque, Mr Stephen McDonnell, Mr Robert Roulstone, Ms Simone Schwartz, Mr Patrick Shaw, Mrs Vicki Simpson and Mrs Eunice Wingrove.

The organisation is non profit, non political and non sectarian. Sutherland Shire Council was a Foundation Sponsor of 2SSR and has remained a major sponsor. The Mayor of Sutherland Shire is a Patron as is T.V. and recording star Helen Zerefos.

The permanent license was obtained in 1991 after seven test transmissions, and permanent broadcasting commenced on 26th September 1992.

2SSR has emerged from these basic and humble beginning to one respected by listeners, sponsors, civic authorities, and the community at large because of our commitment to continuous improvement. Building upon the legacy of the Founders and the various Managers and Staff over the years, 2SSR has embraced new technology, attracted talented individuals as well as expanding it’s wide range of music genres, timely current affairs and community involvement through outside broadcasts. We run training courses in broadcasting for all ages.

In Radio terms, there is a great difference between offering a variety of programs for the casual listener, to researching community needs and then providing targeted programs which the listener looks forward to, depends upon and enjoys. The station has developed diverse programming to suit the whole community. 2SSR as a community radio station does not compete with commercial stations but it does do programs that are generally not available on commercial stations. 2SSR encourages local artists and plays a minimum of 30% Australian content in its overall schedule.

We can boast very healthy listener statistics, based on the 2013 McNair research for CBAA, and we can be very proud of our wonderful voluntary Presenters and Staff alike now numbering in excess of 60. In addition, both Studios have modern and efficient technology, our programs are being streamed live across the globe, our Training Courses continue to attract new talent and we have created and enjoy contacts and links throughout the community.

Importantly, we are a cooperative and efficient team that has not developed by chance but by finding individual as well as collective enjoyment in our tasks, spirit and comradeship.

For the future, we have to recognise that we have minimal income, a 100% voluntary workforce and limited tenure of our current premises. Undaunted by these factors, we will ‘drive’ an agenda which includes sound Station Management, Innovative Marketing Strategies, responsible Financial goals, ongoing Technical Developments and efficient Administration.

We look not for the ‘laurels’ upon which we may rest, but to the vision that underpins continuous improvement as a key media outlet for The Shire and as a Centre of Entertainment.