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The Gift of Love Association Incorporated is proudly sponsored by Coles

The photo includes from left to right: Lee, Cathy Lovelock and Penny.
The photo includes from left to right: Lee, Cathy Lovelock and Penny.

Dear Listeners

Last fortnight, the Sutherland Entertainment Centre offered two tickets to their next upcoming show called “Love Letters” which was performed on the 20th of June.

We asked listeners to write in and nominate someone in our local community. Debbie from Jannali wrote in to TGOL and has nominated Penny & Lee Flowers to receive this fantastic gift.

Debbie states that “There is no question that these 2 lovely people are really in need of a night out. Penny & Lee are the very proud and supportive parents of 2 children.

Their eldest son, Dale has a mental illness. He is receiving 24 hr treatment in Orange. Penny & Lee travel from Engadine to Orange about once a month to visit him and keep updated on his treatment. This is a big drain on their finances for travel, meals and accommodation expenses as well as being very tiring. Penny works 4 days per week.

Lee is unable to work due to medical reasons and is also unable to drive. Kym, their daughter is restricted to a wheelchair. She has Cerebral Palsy, an intellectual disability, diabetes and many other medical conditions.

At the moment Penny is recovering from surgery and is only able to walk with a walker for assistance. She is facing the possibility of a hip replacement if this operation is not successful. Lee is also in need of surgery but he needs to wait until Penny is fully recovered.

The things that most of us take for granted, something like going to see a stage show, for Penny & Lee would not be a priority. This is because of the support that they give unconditionally to both their children. Debbie also states “We would all love for them to receive this Gift of Love so that they can pack up their troubles for 1 evening and swap it for some fun, maybe even a laugh. Well they certainly did. I met with them and they said the show was very entertaining and the actors were brilliant.

They really enjoyed themselves and truly deserved it. They are a lovely couple and it was a pleasure to meet them both.

The Gift of Love would like to say a big thank you to Debbie for thinking of others. We are going to send you out a $20 Coles gift card for writing in and nominating someone in need in our community.

If you would like more information on the Sutherland Entertainment Centre you can visit their website: www.suthentcent.com.au, visit their facebook page or contact the box office on 9521 8888.

This week, I am offering a family pass to the AMF Bowling Centre at Sylvania. What a fun place to bring the kids for the holidays.

Have a think about the people around you that are doing it tough. There may be someone that may not be able to afford such a gift, or it might be someone that just needs a special treat especially if their going through a rough time.

To nominate someone email:

[email protected]

Don’t forget to include your contact details. Write a brief story on why your nominating someone and if chosen, you will receive a $20 gift card from Coles Sylvania, our Proud Sponsors.

“The gift is a wonderful thing, but it’s the impact it has on the person, that really makes a difference!”

The Gift of Love Association Incorporated is proudly sponsored by Coles