Tune in to Gloria G’s program, Remember When and Reminiscing, every Wednesday from 9am – 12pm, to hear an all-new segment. “The Gift of Love”, hosted by Jan Bruen, is an initiative for ordinary people to help ordinary people.

On “The Gift of Love”, Jan will offer a gift donated by a local business, and listeners have the opportunity to write in and nominate someone they know that deserves the gift. Listeners can send through an email, with a brief story of why they have chosen their nominee, to

[email protected]

and keep up-to-date at


Each week, one person is chosen, and announced on the segment the following week. The person who wrote in will also receive a thank-you for their kind effort.

There are so many people in the community that are going through tough times. The Gift of Love provides the opportunity to tell them that we care.

So tune in to Remember When and Reminiscing with Gloria G on Wednesday’s from 9am, to hear this wonderful and heartfelt segment.