The Sylvania Track

We all Love relay for Life. It’s a great community event that has become a Shire tradition. But now it is forced to move.

Release from Council:

Sutherland Shire Council is working with Relay For Life organisers to continue planning for the 2017 Relay at a new Shire location.

Growth plans for the event, combined with a $1 million project to resurface Sylvania Waters Athletics Track, which has been the home of the Relay for the past 15 years, has prompted the move.

“The new track surface can no longer be delayed, as repairs are costly and only provide a temporary solution. At the same time, we’ve had feedback from the Relay for Life organisers that the event is at capacity and more room is required in order to grow it further to continue raising money for this important cause,” said a Sutherland Shire Council spokesperson.

“In consultation with organisers, we are looking at several alternative locations which offer improved parking capacity, better visibility and a larger event footprint,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re keen to ensure that this event can continue to thrive in the Shire. Once complete, event space at Greenhills Sports Complex could also be considered for specialised community events like Relay For Life in the future,” said the Council spokesperson.

The new track surface at Sylvania Athletics Facility will deliver a number of long awaited benefits to the community.

“We have been planning the new track surface at Sylvania Waters Athletics Track for more than two years. The track will be IAAF rated and rejuvenated to a point where we will be able to attract regional and state athletics competitions,” the spokesperson said.

“The infrastructure required for a big event like the Relay for Life, which has grown exponentially over the years, now causes unavoidable damage to the synthetic surface at Sylvania. It would be irresponsible for the event to go ahead at this location and risk almost certain damage to the new surface,” said the spokesperson.