Hi Folks, this is Thomas L. Teal, and i live near Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A. and i have an Aussie freind and have had for a few years now ( Michel D’Arcy )who introduced me to your radio station a while back and now i listen to Pat Penders Saturday Morning Country Music Show as much as possible now and pretty much dedicate my time every week to her as it is my kind of show. Saturday at 8:00AM she is on the air but at my house it is Friday 5:00PM as we go through all the world time changes and i listen to her show at 5:00PM through 9:00PM. I love what she does on her show and i’ve told her that she must have been working on the foremat a long time to get it where it is today. I’m retired now and usually have the time to dedicate my evening to listening to some great “older music”…the kind that i grew up with. I’ll be listening for a good while now–i. know a good thing when i hear it. Tommy Teal.