For those listeners of David Roman’s Mystery Train on Tuesdays from 8-10pm, David will be following the blues and roots music scene from New Orleans through the deep south into Amarillo and through to the west coast of the USA over a 4 week period.Standing in for David over that period will be the producer of the Sideline Eyes program Stuart Redman who will look to satisfy Mystery Train fans with  some of their favorite songs from David’s repertoire as well as his mix of blues country and classic and modern rock.
Stuart will also attempt to feature music from local bands and spots of comedy from the deep south of the USA where David will be roaming and bring you updates of David’s whereabouts.
Whilst giving references to the Mystery Train throughout the program his stint will be known as the Little Red Caboose.Be listening Tuesdays from 8pm as this Little Red Caboose comes rattling through your 2SSR99.7FM station.