THE coalition of Kogarah residents determined to save Griffith House has identified the research building on Kensington Street as a possible solution.

They said St George Hospital and the health department should look at demolishing or moving the structure, known as the Animal House, or “that incredibly hideous monstrosity”, and leave Griffith House alone.

Stephen Green, a resident who works for high-profile heritage architects in Sydney, had a good look at the proposed development site and the streetscape.

“The notion that [Griffith House] could not be incorporated into a design that allowed it to remain with dignity is fatuous,” he said.

“It would be much preferable to remove the R&D building that’s completely inappropriate in the CBD streetscape.

“We’re forced to tolerate this sort of eyesore while architecture is taken away.”

Nobody seemed to buy the health department’s insistence that its planning and design process explored “more than 50 alternative site layout options for the new St George Hospital Emergency Department, including vehicular access options from all surrounding streets”.

Asked about the possibility of moving the research building, a hospital spokeswoman repeated the department’s response.

“Public consultation and information to residents on the plans for Griffith House was in accordance with the NSW government planning process,” she said.

“The DA is now with the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.”

What do you think is the best outcome for the site?