2SSR celebrates their 29th Birthday today!

We would like to congratulate all presenters, volunteers, management and listeners for the support over the years.

Throughout the Covid19 pandemic over last 18 months our presenters remain very dedicated to broadcasting their programs and keeping the community informed on news, weather and event updates.


The permanent license was obtained in 1991 after seven test transmissions, and permanent broadcasting commenced on 26th September 1992.

2SSR has emerged from these basic and humble beginning to one respected by listeners, sponsors, civic authorities, and the community at large because of our commitment to continuous improvement. Building upon the legacy of the Founders and the various Managers and Staff over the years, 2SSR has embraced new technology, attracted talented individuals as well as expanding it’s wide range of music genres, timely current affairs and community involvement through outside broadcasts. We run training courses in broadcasting for all ages.

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