Tune in to 2SSR on Monday April 8th at 10am. Ngaio from Ready in St. George will be on air to discuss with Bob Birkhead in his program ” Breezin ” Drug and Alcohol Education for parents/carers and anyone who would like to know more.

Topics that will be discussed in this insightful session include:

  • What drugs are – Stimulants and depressants/Street Language for Drugs

  • Signs of substance affects – Behavioural Warning Signs

  • Drug equipment – What does it look like?

  • Treating overdose and accessing support – What to do if your child or someone else’s child needs help?

  • Practical tips – relevant advice on how to engage with your children in conversations around alcohol and drugs

  • Legal responsibilities – what are your rights and responsibilities as parents/ legal ramifications

  • Where to go – accessing further support

Ngaio Chandler is the Project Officer for The READY Project (Resources and Education on Alcohol and Drugs for Youth) and has worked in the Community Sector for 8 years. READY provides drug and alcohol education to the community and information and referral for young people and their families who need support.

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