SUTHERLAND Shire Council is concerned it could be burdened with the cost of converting the Cronulla Fisheries site into a regional park.

Mayor Carol Provan and general manager John Rayner told a Legislative Council committee hearing that the council still strongly opposed the closure but accepted the government would not change its decision, and so must seek the best outcome for residents and visitors to the shire.

Mr Rayner said that converting the site for other uses would be an “an enormous drain” on the council, and it did not have the funds for such work.

Councillor Provan said the site “when converted to open space” would become “a regional facility that will draw visitors from other parts of the metropolitan area”.

Cr Provan said in a submission to government-appointed consultant David Harley, who is examining future uses for the site, that the council had called for it to be predominantly open space, linking Salmon Haul Reserve and the Esplanade with Darook Park.

Other appropriate community uses could include education and occupation by government agencies.

Cr Provan said a “low-key commercial facility” such as a cafe or kiosk, to provide a revenue flow, could be allowed, to assist in maintaining and managing the area.

The land should be transferred to the council or managed by a trust, and the costs of site decommissioning and demolition of structures should be met by the government.

Source: The Leader