Our very own Grant and Sarah Dodds are raising funds to trial an assistance dog, which could dramatically change the life of their 8-year-old son Isaac.

Isaac has a very rare metabolic condition and an assistance dog could alert them when Isaac is in the early stages of being unwell.

An assistance dog could also assist with other complex challenges in daily living functions enabling Isaac to have greater participation in family and community life and build his independence.

Isaac’s godfather and board-game developer Matt Humphreys is raising awareness about the fundraising campaign and also contributing funds to it through his family-fun board game called Racing Ogres.

Read more or help where you can by following the links below.

The campaign to provide Isaac with an assistance dog:

A Life Changing Assistance Dog for Isaac (mycause.com.au)

The Racing Ogres board game:


The Leader article:

New board game Racing Ogres could help dramatically change life of eight-year-old Isaac | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader | St George, NSW (theleader.com.au)