Stacey McManus will be rounding 3rd and heading for home base in the 2SSR 99.7FM studios as she joins Jamie Sims and Stuart Redman on Sideline Eyes this Sunday from 7pm. Tune in as

we find out what it tak

es for a local shire sports woman to make it big in the World of Softball Australia.

Also on Sideline Eyes will be the NFL report with Peter Upham from Sutherland Seahawks. Joe Russo will give his take on the Hyundai A-League and Tom Iceton from the Sutherland District Cricket Club will take his guard on middle giving us the inside edge on what’s happening in Cricket.

We’ll also have Micky Brock with his views on the EPL. There will be that and much more this Sunday from 7pm on Sideline Eyes.

Sideline Eyes | Sunday | From 7pm