Artist Spotlight Series – happening every Tuesday during STATE OF THE ART Segment at 12.30pm.

Interview 1 – Artist Spotlight Series #1 Korryn Morrison

Interview 2 – Artist Spotlight Series #2 Graham Blondel

Interview 3 – Artist Spotlight Series #2 Tamara Pavlovic

Interview 4 – Artist Spotlight Series #4 Emily Dabron

From portraits to wild animals, Emily Dabron is a local artist who captures the spirit and mood of her subject in exquisite drawings.  Emily shares her experience of studying abroad, as well as an unforgettable encounter in Africa that fuelled her love of drawing wild animals.

Interview 5 – Artist Spotlight Series #5 Kylie George

Professional Artist Kylie George uses bold colour and abstract form to renew the viewers mind and soul.

Interview 6 – The Artist Spotlight Series #6 Carol Shaw

Local artist Carol Shaw chats to Ann Warren on The Good Life Program.  You’ll hear how a year of challenges and adversity fuelled Carol’s love of the creative process.  Carol is now using newly acquired skills in her art practice.

Interview 7 – Artist Spotlight Series #7 Geoff Hargraves

Professional artist Geoff Hargraves is gaining recognition and awards for his wonderful artworks. Geoff’s artistic journey started later in life, so you’ll find this a truly inspiring story if you have a passion to create but think it’s too late.

Interview 8 – Artist Spotlight Series #8 Jennifer Gowan

Professional artist Jennifer Gowan.  A fascinating story of a courageous and talented artist.

Interview 10 – Artist Spotlight Series #10 Claire Cavanna

Abstract artist Claire Cavanna chats with Ann Warren about painting and sketching the rhythms of life.