No I’m not talking about electricity plans. . . . .  I’m talking about the big switch to community radio stations and it’s happening right across the country.   In fact, the latest statistics show that audiences have risen in the past decade to over 5 million weekly listeners!  (Data source CBAA website – Community Broadcasting Association of Australia).

Why the growing trend?  Well least of all is the fact that Australian musos are always assured of a warm welcome at the door.  More importantly community radio provides an independent voice; with the power to champion, support and add value to the local community.  Not for profit organisations are often the glue that holds a community together and radio has a way of uniting listeners like no other media platform.  You’ll hear local news, human stories, the latest charity and community events and specialty programs and music that commercial radio won’t touch.

We are fortunate indeed to have our own station in 2SSR 99.7FM – a station that’s operated by the community for the community.  You’ll hear programs designed for people like you, made by people like you – it’s free, it’s interesting and a lot more locally focused than anything you’re going to hear on commercial radio.  Whether you’re interested in sport, lifestyle, local issues or a specific genre of music – check out the program guide

and you’ll find something there for every taste.

Who benefits from 2SSR Community Radio?

The whole community benefits that’s who!  2SSR enables a voice for marginal groups, provides residents with information on community initiatives and council services, supports and encourages the arts, promotes sporting and social activities and provides regular opportunities for people in the area to attend free community events.   The station offers endless opportunities for the listeners, for the volunteers behind the scenes, and for local businesses.

Help us to Help you . . .

The biggest challenge for the station is a financial one and the cost of servicing and keeping up with technology, repairing or replacing equipment doesn’t come cheap.  Fund raising takes place with a BBQ at Bunnings Kirrawee on the second Wednesday of every month and the station is always in need of extra hands on deck – so become a regular volunteer for a few hours and become part of the family; meet like-minded people and have some fun along the way.  Whether you’re currently employed, looking for a job or enjoying retirement, volunteering is a great way to stay connected and active.   In fact, any HR professional worth his salt will tell you that by having ‘volunteer work’ on your resume, will help you to stand out and shows a prospective employer that you’re proactive and care about your community.  Please contact the station on 9545 1800 and find out more about becoming a volunteer.

To keep The Shire’s independent voice loud and clear, here

are some of the ways you can help:

Join as a member, follow us on Facebook, send us an update of your organisations activities, register for our broadcasting course, check out our website and browse the program guide and listen to your favourite program.  And just remember that you’re never too old to work in radio – at 96 years old, Ron Hoffmans is possibly Australia’s oldest presenter with a 2 hour classical music program every Thursday between noon and 2pm.

Sutherland Shire Council was a Foundation Sponsor of 2SSR and remains a major sponsor and supporter as the station strives to deliver a relevant, informative and entertaining radio service for the community.

P.S. Did I mention that there’s no smut, swearing or shock jocks?  Just another reason to part of the big switch!

Tune your radio to 2SSR 99.7FM or stream live on your desktop, smartphone or tablet –

Written by

Ann Taylor Warren

2SSR The Good Life

Thursday 4-6pm