We sold some 800/850 sausage sandwiches & as usual were extremely busy.

Thanks to the “Dream on Team”, Tony & Jamie Blain, Rob & Terry McCubbin, Alan O’Flynn, Stuart Redman & Tony Peterson for commencing the day & Scott Farrugia, (Fudgie) back at the station for his great music. The “BarB Tastics”, comprising Bob & Rhonda Francis, Glen & Kathy Pitham, Sue Beckett, Felicity Milnes & Joan Church took over at noon, with Jamie Simms joining us later. Fudgie also joined us after his program. Tony’s boom box had us all bopping along in the afternoon, even the customers.

Once again it was an extremely busy day & I’m sure even though we worked hard, we all enjoyed ourselves. There unfortunately is not enough time to talk to customers as the queue seems to be never ending & any conversations have to be short.

Thanks goodness for a short break until the next one, which is not until Saturday 30



We will cast the net for victims, oops volunteers, closer to the date.