Two long established Shire non profit organizations have joined forces to create awareness of the services each offers to Shire residents. Activus Transport and 99.7fm 2SSR.

According to Roslyn Morton, Activus Transport’s General Manager “This may seem like a strange mix. Community Transport and Community Radio. But each plays a strong role in keeping some of the Shires less mobile or older residents well informed, entertained and engaged with family, friends and the Shire community”.

The partnership is a cross promotion with a sponsorship by Activus of one of the most popular radio segments on every Wednesday morning with Gloria G on 99.7FM.  Activus will also promote awareness of  2SSR with vehicle signage on it’s fleet of 22 vehicles that circulate daily around the Shire.

Bob Francis and Tony Blain from 2SSR first approached Activus because the easy listening format of Gloria’s show seemed to fit with the more mature demographic of the Activus Transport clients. Their distinctive vehicles also provided the opportunity for some mobile billboards to spread the word about 2SSR 99.7fm in the Shire.

The two teams also wanted to try something new and more engaging for listeners.  Their simple yet innovative solution is a ‘Request a tune’ concept, a first for the Shire’s Community Radio.

Each week up to 10 listeners will get to sit back, remember when and reminisce with their kind of music. Perhaps a tune that may recall a very special occasion or someone in his or her life. Something that may not have been heard on the airwaves for decades.

For 2018 Gloria G’s Wednesday morning radio program ‘Remember When & Reminiscing’ (9am-12 pm) will feature a new ‘request’ segment between 10-11 a.m. It will be called the Activus Transport “Melodies on Wheels” show. To make a request, simply visit the 2SSR or Activus websites or call

8555 0000

and request a special tune or favourite artist.  2SSR’s Gloria G will find it in her extensive music archive, and dedicate it especially for you!.

To listen online or find out more check out the websites at