Monday 10th of September 2012 held the AGM and General Election for 2SSR 99.7FM

The results of the General Election are as follows

Management Committee

General Manager | Trevor Davis

Station Manager (Program Manager) | Stuart Jones

Financial Manager | Robert Francis

Administration Manager | Robert McCubbin

Marketing Manager | Bob Birkhead

Technical Manager | Troy Murphy

Officers Attached to:

Station Management Committee

Program Officer | Rhonda Francis

Station Services Officer | Felicita Bird

Administration Committee

Public Officer | Rob McCubbin

General Administration Officer | Ralda Brown

Membership Services Officer | Pat Pender

Financial Committee

Fundraising Officer | Ann Worsley

Marketing Committee

Public Relations Officer | Clare McCabe

Promotions Officer | Gloria Gervasoni

Technical Committee

Technical Officer | Grant Dodds

Production Officer | Scott Farrugia

Training Committee

Training Officer | Dawn Cheater