Ever wanted to host your own radio show?

Maybe you want to be involved behind-the-scenes?

We can teach you all of this & more!

2SSR is operated entirely by dedicated volunteers and we hold radio-training-courses on a needs basis. We cover relevant areas such as studio operation and paneling, announcing skills, media law, production skills and more! Some of our presenters are experienced in both community and commercial media environments. You will be trained by our volunteers who are skilled in their particular area.


Here’s to those with a burning passion. Those who think differently, those who can’t be ignored. Those with no respect for the status-quo, the round pegs in the square holes, the game-changers. 

Want to turn your passion, interest, or hobby into an entertaining and modern radio show? 

The Sutherland Shire’s Local Radio Station wants you to contribute to our next chapter. 

Contact us via email with your name, passion, and vision for a radio show.

And remember, those who are crazy enough to think they can make great radio are the ones who usually do. 

So… what do we actually broadcast?

Community Radio gives the listener an alternative to existing media.

For this reason, we broadcast and present:

  • Diverse and specialty music programs
  • Local musicians, artists & performances
  • Local news
  • Local information about community services and events
  • Sporting information
  • Service announcements for non profit groups and so on……