Swim for Emily

Next Monday morning at 11am (Monday 26th November 2012) Bob Birkhead, in his program ” Breezin “, will be interviewing Superintendent Dave Donohue from St George Local Area Command of NSW Police Force
Dave will be swimming across Botany Bay on December 7 from la Perouse to Sans Souci to raise money for a former officer in the command, Natalie Newman. Natalie is battling with ovarian cancer for the 2nd time and her former colleagues are ensuring that her 8 year old daughter gets the education that Natalie so richly wants for her daughter
Dave has been doing 30kms training for the big swim and the Swim For Emily campaign has raised in excess of $ 43000 so far
Natalie is overwhelmed with joy that Dave is doing this to raise funds for Emily’s education – Emily herself wants to become a Doctor so that she can treat & cure people who suffer from cancer
Donations to Dave’s 7 km swim across the bay can be made on

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