Dick Davies loves Aussie music and when you listen to his Home Grown Show (which comprises of 100% Australian music) his message comes through loud and clear… Aussie music rules!

Dick not only plays a wide variety of Aussie music, he tells you statistics and trivia to enhance the listening experience. Dick’s passion for Aussie music started in the 80’s as he followed live bands around Sydney such as The Flaming Hands, The Go-betweens, Cruel Sea, The Saints and The Sunnyboys just to name a few.

Even today, Dick still continues to follow live Aussie bands such as The Bell Ends, Safia, The Johnny’s, Pacific Avenue, Lime Cordial and Winston Surf Shirt.

No Aussie music is off Dick’s radar even including a lot of local artists from the Shire of which there is a plethora of content.

As Dick’s show intro say’s, he not only plays music from a large time frame, he plays “all genres, be it alternative, shoegazing, cowpunk, country, electronic, folk, indie, hiphop, pop or rock.”

12 Jul 2024

12 Jul 2024 Home Grown On Demand – 12 July, 2024 Home Grown On Demand – 12 July, 2024 [00:00:00] 2:00 pm – Home Grown [01:00:00] 3:00 pm – Home Grown

Dick Davies

I like to play sport and travel but above all I love music. Music represents many different forms that play key factors in cultures around the world. Even when I travel, I make sure I immerse myself in the local sounds and music to help understand the wider culture of the area I’m visiting.

As a teenager I was always interested in the weekly top 40. I used to save my pocket money for a month just to by an album. It was the next phase in my life where I then developed the love of seeing live bands, mainly local ones. This then led to my obsessiveness towards Aussie music.

Later in life a couple of mates got together and said, “let’s start a band”. They had no keyboard player so asked me if I would like to join. I said sure, even though I didn’t play keyboard or even own one. When they booked a gig at a local venue, I had to purchase a keyboard and learn 10 songs in two months. Doesn’t get more Aussie than that.