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New Shows Starting Soon

file000618250781It’s always great to welcome new shows. Here are some new shows to look forward to on 2SSR and the return of some old friends.

Trevor Davis, 9 – 11am, “Spotlight with Trevor Davis”. Trevor will be putting the “spotlight” on selected albums, community issues and have the occasional interview.

Ted Mackness, 11am – 12 noon, “The Magic of Music”. Ted will be featuring songs we used to sing along to, listen and dance to.

Loz Stuart, 12 – 1pm will be filling in this hour with classic hits from the 50’s through to the 80’s.

Louise Edwards, 1pm – 2pm, “The Working Lunch”. A very different program, featuring information covering various professions, interviews and music.

As well  as new shows, some old faves are moving to new, exciting time slots.

David Esquen, “Juice” has moved from Tuesday night to Monday nights 9 -11pm. Commencing Monday 10th March.

Dawn Cheater, “Dawn at Night” returns to air on Tuesday 6pm – 8pm. Commencing Tuesday 11thMarch.

“Two Scoops of Raisins” have moved to Monday nights 8pm – 9pm.

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