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Hands off: new laws make mobile phones off limits

TOUCHING a mobile phone is now illegal for NSW motorists after new laws were introduced today.

Under the new rules, a driver must not hold or touch a phone at all unless they are passing it to a passenger, their vehicle is legally parked or the phone is secured in a commercially designed and manufactured fixed mounting.

Drivers caught holding a phone or resting it in their lap could be hit with a $298 fine and lose three demerit points, rising to four demerit points and a $397 fine if the offence occurs in a school zone.

A driver may only use a mobile phone to make or receive a call or use the audio playing function.

Texting, video messaging, online chatting, reading preview messages and emailing are prohibited.

Learner and P1 drivers and riders are not permitted to use a mobile phone at all while driving or riding.

There are also new rules for using roundabouts, overtaking and giving way to pedestrians.

What do you think of the new mobile phone law for motorists?

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