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Elton-Out Of The Closet interview on Bumper2Bumper

This Wednesday 1st March the Bumper2Bumper boys will interview the star of Elton-Out Of The Closet on their show Bumper2Bumper

Elton – Out Of The Closet® is the world’s best and most authentic re-creation of Elton and his classic band:  Davey Johnstone (guitar), Nigel Olsson (drums) and Dee Murray (bass).

Starring the incomparable Jason Paris, Elton – Out Of The Closet® re-creates Elton’s golden mid-70s period, when he was young, outrageous, full of energy, and the hottest rock star on the planet! While visually focused on the exciting mid-70s, the show spans all the big hits from 1970 – 1994.

More than just a band playing songs, Elton – Out Of The Closet® is a 2.5-hour entertainment spectacular that brings the voice, the flamboyant costumes, the characters, the back-stories, the iconic instruments, and Elton himself out of the closet…

The show is on at the Brass Monkey on Saturday 25th March.
Find more info HERE!

An interview not to be missed…

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