Civic Lifestyle's Visit to Radio

Thanks to a lot of organising  and co-ordinating from Noeline Charters, Richard Ellis and Trevor Davies. 2 PWS were lucky enough to become celebrities for the day when they not only went for a Radio Visit with 2SSR (at Gymea TAFE) but also spoke on radio.

On arrival at the station they were met by the DJ Troy Murphy who showed them around the station and spoke to them about ID tracks (way of parodying the voice of those on the radio.. In this case a jingle to the “Flintstones  Jingle ” advertising the DJ was created.) and showed them the microphone  and other equipment that is used at a radio station.

Doug and Simon were then interviewed on radio and asked a number of questions about who their favourite Superhero is, holiday experiences and future plans. They also met a number of other presenters and participated in a photo session.

When asked about their experience both had a lot to say

“It’s magic. Thought it would be like this, I’ve seen similar on TV. It was Fun! Troy was an interesting man to meet.” was a comment from Doug on arriving back at the Sutherland Hall.

Simon eagerly told staff “I enjoyed it. Troy played Mamma Mia by ABBA so I could listen to it. He did a report on the morning traffic and I spoke about my recent trip to Nanjing Temple in China. I spoke some Italian. It was very exciting”

Again thanks to Noeline, Richard and Trevor for making such an enjoyable experience possible for these two gentlemen we support

Photo: (Left to Right) Troy Murphy, Simon & Doug.

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