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A Little Bit Country A Little Bit Rocken' Roll

Dear 2ssr, I’ve been meaning to give feedback for quite a while now, re that FANTASTIC fill-in program A Little Bit Country A Little bit Rocken’ Roll. Finally, I’ve gotten around to doing it tonight, as a listener of 2SSR & as a MASSIVE fan of the Saturday Morning Jukebox show with Pat Pender, I find I also LOVE & CANNOT GET ENOUGH of the fill-in show A Little Bit Country A Little Bit Rocken’ Roll, cohosted by Pat Pender & Ronda Francis. I love how the music of Little Bit country Little Bit Rocken’ Roll is varied & uptempo & there’s JUST THE RIGHT mix of both talk & music. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GET ENOUGH of the banter between both Ronda & Pat, I believe it adds a massive dimension to the show. A Little Bit Country A Little Bit Rocken’ Roll is DEFINITELY ONE OF THOSE PROGRAMS I hope will be a part of 2SSR for MANY MANY YEARS TO COME. Both Pat & Ronda put a TREMENDOUS amount of effort into their show, hence why I & many other listeners hope to hear more of this fabulous fill-in program in the not too distant future. I should also point out that the effort Pat puts into her Saturday Morning Jukebox show is ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING & AMAZING AS WELL.

Regards Claire the BIGGEST PAT PENDER FAN of Jannali


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