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Tony Blain

unnamedIntroducing Tony Blain

Tony Blain is a retired Business owner that specialized in manufacturing and marketing for Entertainers and well known Trademarks for 28 years.

Tony has lived in the Shire for 30 years or so and in semi retirement, enjoys ShireBiz Economic and Employment activities, is a Member of the Economic and Development Committee at Sutherland Shire Council and is a Member of Council’s Heritage & Shire History Committee. In addition he is the President of the recently formed, Antique Motorcycle Club of America, Australia Inc and is focused along with his Board members, on presenting an Annual Antique Motorcycle Event here in the South.

Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio

Wishing to revisit his love of music, Tony recently completed the 2SSR Community Radio Presenter Program and from 4pm to 6pm each Friday, now presents his Dance,Dance,Dance to the Radio Broadcast, here on 99.7 FM.

The title is from Joy Division’s first single release in 1979, Transmission.

Tony build’s his songs around this platform with tracks from near and far, including The Cure, Lou Reed, Bowie, The Doors, New Order, Dub reggae and groups, artists and songs, we don’t often hear on the Airwaves, including alternate Australian groups and musicians.

Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio | Friday Drive | 4pm-6pm