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Ted Mackness

ted 181Every Friday between 11am and Noon, Ted Mackness presents The Magic of Music.

Ted is an accomplished musician/composer, including violin, piano, electronic /theatre
organ, harmonica and piano accordion.  His personal motto, “Always be the person your dog thinks you are!”

His daily tonic: “One hug a day to keep the “blues” away!

The Magic of Music is all about the songs we love to hear… Sing along with and get up and dance to…

It’s variety with a capital “V”

Ted’s program includes the instrument of the week…A Mystery singer… Personal requests…and Ted’s terrible Thought for The Day…

The music selection ranges from Operetta, classical, instrumental, dance, pops, country, folk, gospel; even snippets of humour. Musical rendition ranges from “up-tempo” thru to foot-tapping , jazz, inspirational, and quite moments of reflection and meditation.

In total … one hour of musical variety personally programmed and selected to make listening to Ted a weekly tonic of joy, excitement, anticipation and contentment.

Why not drop Ted an email at

The Magic of Music | Friday | 11am to Noon