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Maria C

              Maria C

What is the name of that tune? Who starred in that movie? Whatever happened to that actor? Is the film an adaptation of a book, a play or a musical?

Welcome to Soundtracks of our Lives with Maria C – where you will hear a broad spectrum of music, with a particular nod to the TV shows, movies and musicals, from the past to the present day.  Tunes that have been able to get under our skin, and songs that have back dropped our lives, are the focus of my program.


         MGM Gold

Each week will have a feature year, where we look at movies, TV shows and songs from a particular 12-month period.  Celebrity birthdays and ‘on this day’ segments will also be part of the program, along with entertainment news on local, national and international fronts.

Soundtracks of our Lives | Wednesday | 2pm to 4pm