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Battle Royale

unnamedThe spider’s poison had already reached his heart, he was dead. What is the deadliest spider in the world that could have caused this tragedy?*

  1. Red Back Spider
  2. Brazilian Wandering Spider
  3. Sydney Funnel Web

Welcome to Battle Royale ‘The Number One Radio Game Show’ Hosted by Mark Shenouda.

Who is this mysterious, handsome, soothing voiced, heart melting man who is now hosting the radio game show ‘Battle Royale’?

Great question!

Mark Shenouda is a humorous, witty, pet-friendly humanitarian, who has been involved in presenting for the past 7 years from being on stage to being in front of the camera. Now producing a fun exciting game show on radio.

The show where contestants compete with each other through a variety of challenges in hopes of being crowned the Battle Master.

Equipped with exhilarating segments such as:

  • MeowMix
  • That’s Absurd
  • Dis my Jam … and many more,

Followed by nonstop nostalgic music from the eighties, nineties, noughties and a little pinch of now.

“I want to be a contestant and get involved” Great! Just hit up the  facebook Battle Royal Facebook page

Battle Royale | Wednesdays | 8pm

*Answer to first sentence: B. Brazilian Wandering Spider