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Babies on air

BABIES  ON  AIR  –  Fridays 12noon to 1pm

Tune in for an hour of informative and interesting information about the little ones in your life.

Our Child & Family Health nurses (Maureen and Irene) with many years of experience and education bring this program to you. Sharing their clinical and up to date information with you.

They cover everything from birth to 5 years old; not only for your little ones , but, also any parenting questions that you might want to ask.

This program is for you – enjoy it and be part of it.


The following is a program guide for the next few weeks.

10/5/2019            Behavioural, emotional & physical development 0 – 6month (including temper tantrums)

17/5/2019            Hearing in the under 5’s with a guest speaker from the  Australian Hearing Centre

24/5/2019            Allergies, inhaled and ingested and their effects from birth to 1 year.

31/5/2019            S.I.D.S. with a guest speaker from the SIDS association

7/6/2019              Tongue tie , both type 1 and 2 and it’s effects of feeding and speech

14/6/2019            Food science and vitamins and why we need them

21/6/2019            Bathing, dressing, cutting nails, dry skin. etc.etc.

28/6/2019            Cleft palate and it’s occurrence & treatment – guest speaker from Cleft pals association.


There may be the occasional alteration in our program presentation, due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you would like us to answer a question or discuss a topic of your choice , you may contact the radio station on 9545 1800

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